THE DEEP LOOK THRU THE LENS After 15 days traveling, eating dust like never before in my life, getting Sick and shooting more that 18000 pictures, we got into the end of the trip with best feeling I had since the 1' Maloja catalogue at the Engadin, long time a go now. I can’t express with words all the feelings I had Photographing all the local people Hope everybody will recognize the power of The deep look truth the lens, all this mystical people give to my cameras. The sensation in all my CliKs, CliKs,,, was insane and I will be please all my life for it. I will never forget this trip. Thanks to: Maloja (Peter & Andy), Michael & Niculin my driver LHOU 4 his help & all lthe small fights we had :). My Daugther, wife & family, Dad I miss you: this is for you. Is not about how rich you are. Is about how rich is your hart is. In cha llah

When you travel with a big group through a long driving you spend so much time to talk and think.   (I LOVE it).
This trip is dedicated to my Father (he took me to this country in 1979).  YES, The country has been change since them.
Since them I came many times, but this time was special.
All the positive thoughts I had during the long journeys of the photo-shooting has been a dream as a Photographer.
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