Sometimes you ask yourself if what you’re doing is right. …but what is right? And who says so anyway? We live in a world surrounded by rules. Behave, respect, wait your turn, not now, maybe next time. I was always told what was right and when was the right moment. But I always wanted to find my own way, to know what was around the corner.
This world is wide - it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than all of us. [smile] If it weren’t for riding, if it weren’t for this, my roots, my origins, I’d never know where to go and which direction to take.
But now I know, I know what feels right. I know where I’m going and I know where I want to be. Nothing is wasted time. Every action is a new experience gained. It’s a new lesson along the road, taking you to new places. I’m moving forward. And I’m taking the long way around. It’s just me and the road ahead…

Filmed in Iceland
Adacmaster Communication 
Client SPIDI
DoP Mario Entero
Art Director Nicolo Cunico 
Post Production Charles Parker
Assistant & @marticunico 
Model: Alexander Von Glasow
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